Activ8 Athletes was founded in 2018 with one goal in mind: to inspire young athletes.

Since then, we have developed into a highly competitive all star cheer program with multiple teams and passionate coaches. We believe each individual athlete contributes something special to their Activ8 All Stars team and has the potential for growth and success. Our main priority is to help our athletes thrive on and off the mat, and build supportive relationships that will last a lifetime. We hope to become a pillar in our community for the development of youth athletes.

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To promote and teach the sport of cheer, developing athletes to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouragingdiscipline, commitment, integrity, and honor both on and off the mat.


To provide the best possible competitive All Star cheer instruction in Coastal Carlsbad, California, giving each athlete the opportunity to reach their individual potential. 

We strive to ensure that each athlete has fun, experiences the unique culture of being an Activ8 Athlete, and learns about participating positively and committing to the demands of a competitive team sport.

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TJ is a San Diego native and a graduate of the University of San Diego high school (now Cathedral Catholic). He is the CEO and Director of Performance Coaching at Activ8 Athleticism. He brings to the team a sports medicine background along with an expert knowledge of functional movement, which gives him a dynamic approach to performance training. TJ has trained professional athletes in all of the major sports and is the head coach for Activ8’s NFL Combine Training /Pro Day program.




Jana was born and raised in North County, San Diego. Jana has 8+ years of Business Consulting experience which include business development, talent acquisition, strategy, structure, systems and online marketing. Jana heads the marketing and business development for Activ8 Athleticism. She has a wide range of experience from energy, mass media, healthcare, clinical fitness, and many more. Jana has a keen eye for fresh talent, updated strategies, and new marketing tactics.

Megan - All Star coach



Megan has spent the last 14 years in the cheer industry, 9 as an athlete and 5 as a coach. She competed with the California All Stars as a level 5 athlete and has won two NCA National Championships. She has coached and choreographed many 1st place routines, grand champ routines, and is currently a student at San Diego State University obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Megan can't wait for the upcoming season with Activ8 All Stars and is excited to continue watching her kids gain confidence on and off the mat. Megan loves to encourage her athletes to have fun while owning their roles as performers and role models.