Building Your Skill Set

As we all know it takes time and effort to build a good skill set in competitive cheerleading. It also takes a lot of hard work to accomplish this. One of the best ways to do this is to take as many private tumbling classes and clinics as possible. All athletes have a set of skills that they can improve or work on. This applies to the amateur and all the way the professional athlete. Competitive cheer tumbling elevates an athlete to higher levels or teams.

At Activ8 All Stars, athletes who have taken private lessons have elevated their skill sets as well as been able to move up teams or become crossovers. This can be attributed to privates lessons. Taking private lessons in tumbling tends to get an athlete to learn the skills that they are working on much faster. That is not to say, an athlete who can’t do a cartwheel will be doing a roundoff backhandspring within a few lessons, but it will get them there much sooner. Doing a private lesson allows the athlete to get one-on-one attention that focuses directly on that athlete’s level, needs, and abilities. A coach can factor in what that athlete’s needs are and tailor their lessons directly to accommodate that athlete. With that said, group lessons will help that athlete, however, doing a combination would be the best for an athlete who is just starting out.

Combining group classes/clinics with privates makes that transition to higher level tumbling that much faster and actually easier on an athlete. This is because an athlete will continue to condition and focus on the skills that are given at a class/clinic and incorporate those private, one-on-one elements together. When athletes are in group clinics the focus will really go down to the basics all the way up. However, clinics start out a little slower to get all athletes up to speed. The focus is on conditioning to get athletes up to level on body lines, toe pointing, good mechanics, at a slower pace. This is very valuable because the body will start to gain muscle memory and when that athlete is in their private, it really fires those muscles up. On a financial level, clinics typically are not as expensive and are still extremely valuable to any athlete. Even the seasoned veteran. Clinics will bring back an athlete to perfecting some of the elements that tend to get lost as far as good technique. Classes have a high focus on good technique, grooming great skills sets, and overall great strength training. All of these elements are needed to build up ones tumbling.

Activ8 All Stars offers several great clinics on Saturday’s. These clinics focus on athletes who are just starting the process at level one to athletes who are up to level five. They allow all athletes the ability to feel comfortable at where their skill set is. Incorporating these two offered programs, clinics and privates will help an athlete who is struggling to get their tumbling up. The beauty is that these clinics are offered to the entire community, not just the Activ8 Athlete. These clinics and skills are great for ages 5-18. Activ8 clinics and privates are not just for competitive cheerleading, but for athletes who just want to learn to tumble, one who wants to get into high school cheerleading, one who is in a recreational program, or an athlete who just wants to keep fit and continue their tumbling skills up. All are welcome.

So we ask you…who is ready to ACTIV8?

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