Hitting the Big Time!

The season is beginning to reach the pinnacle and we are on a mission, as all gyms are. The mission is to HIT and to WIN at Nationals. There are several different producers that have Nationals and they are all amazing. All gyms are at the top of their game and give so much of their time and energy to show off how much they have improved. This is when any Nationals really gets exciting and teams fight for those coveted jackets. This is when bragging rights begin to be made. This is when you know it is nearing the end of a season.

All teams and gyms want to go to finals and as mentioned all producers have great National competitions, however, some are better than others. In the All Star Cheer World, Summit is considered the pinnacle, the top dog, the best of the best. In order to go to either of The Summit’s, each team must receive a BID to attend. Each team who receives a BID for a Wild Card- you are guaranteed only one day of competition and the top two teams will move on to the next day. Which is where a Wild Card BID comes into play. Wild Cards and Full Paid Bids will compete on the first official day of competition. Then there is the Full Paid BID which gives the athletes the ability to go and not have to pay for entrance, only travel. With that said, it still is also very costly for those on the West Coast. Summit is split up into two categories/weeks. The first week is the Summit for all D1 gyms and the second week is the D2 Summit for all smaller D2 gyms. Both weeks are amazing and full of pure excitement. Both weeks will give all families a great show. Both weeks will make for some exciting competitions. As mentioned, it is a costly event being in Orlando, FL. So athletes families have to spend the money to fly there and then also for the package to be at Disney World. If you are in a D1 gym, many of those gyms do not allow their athletes to attend the parks due to the fact they are there to do one thing and that is to perform and WIN! So, needless to say, the costs are expensive when you can’t even enjoy parks.

Moving on to other producers, the U.S. Finals is a HUGE competition and many gyms or teams will field this event instead of the Summit due to the cost-effectiveness as well as the locations are much more accessible. Additionally, U.S. Finals is a one-day event making it very exciting because each team must bring their A-Game for one performance only!

Whether a gym prefers the largest Nationals or a smaller, yet still very impressive Nationals competition they are all equally difficult in their own right. The best gyms come to perform, the best gyms to showcase what they have and who they are, and all athletes want to prove something to themselves, their families and for their gym.

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