Moving on Up!

May comes around and tryouts for competitive cheerleading begins. Not only competitive cheer but also high school cheer and recreational cheer. It’s that time of the year! Every year, athletes hope and pray to move up a level, however, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, unless an athlete puts in the hard work it most likely won’t happen, in competitive or high school cheer. At Activ8 All Stars we are no different than other competitive cheer programs and will do our best to keep all athletes as close to level as possible.

Our priority at Activ8 All Stars is to make sure our teams are constructed to have a successful season, and that our athletes are placed on the appropriate level where they can thrive, and contribute to a team where their skill sets are being optimally maximized. The entire Activ8 staff is dedicated to helping every athlete reach their goals, and wants each athlete to feel confident in themselves and in their teammates. In order to have the best chance at a successful season, we hold all of our athletes accountable for the appropriate skills required for each level performed with excellent technique. This will ensure that each team’s tumbling scores will be maximized in the degree of difficulty as well as execution. In addition, our athletes will be much safer at practice when placed on a level where they can consistently perform the required skill set with proper technique, resulting in fewer injuries. Please note that an athlete must have every required skill listed for that level in order to be a candidate for that team.

Below are some of the basic needs for levels 1-5.

However, please note, these are not all of the requirements, just the basics.

Level 1: Cartwheel, back walkover, and roundoff.

Level 2: Standing back handspring, roundoff back handspring, as well as a series of roundoff back handsprings.

Level 3: Standing 3 back handsprings, roundoff back tuck, roundoff back handspring back tuck.

Level 4: Standing tuck, roundoff layout, standing back handspring with tuck/layout.

Level 5: Roundoff full, three-level jumps with tuck as well as all of the above.

Please note that these elements should be performed with good technique, form, pointed toes, straight legs, etc.

As noted, these are the basics for each category and there are more to each of the levels. All of these levels contribute to the overall score of an athletes team. All of these elements should be evaluated as the season continues. All of these elements are truly what makes each level competitive and exciting. If your athlete does not have these elements and are not on a team with their friends or on a higher level the reason is simple, we want to elevate each athlete to their fullest potential and give each “TEAM” the opportunity of being on the podium!

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