Private lessons are a wonderful way for athletes to build their tumbling skills at an accelerated rate vs. taking a class. Private lessons are just that private, a coach and one athlete. Most private lessons are 30 minutes in length and are high intensity. Athletes are pushed independently to reach their maximum potential on a skill. Most athletes want to jump right in and learn their back handspring, however there are steps to build to that skill. For instance, the handstand is an element that all tumbling stems from.  So, athletes will be taught everything such as skills to work on at home to help them continue to elevate themselves outside of the gym. Athletes who want to learn a skill quickly will take privates to get to their goal faster. We at Activ8 All Stars offer private lessons and encourage all athletes to participate in privates so they can assist in getting to a higher level of tumbling faster. Also, they will be able to help their current teams tumbling and help with getting on a higher level team for the next season.



Open Gym is just that, the gym is open for anything the athletes want to work on. Activ8 All Stars has open gym every Saturday for all of our Activ8 All Stars. However, we offer open gym to all in the community who want to join on a monthly basis or drop in. Our athletes work on skills such as their stunts for their routines as well as tumbling. This is a great time for all athletes to bond as well as for stunt groups who are struggling to work on building those skill sets needed for practice. Open gym is not mandatory, however, it is impressive to see how many of our athletes take advantage of this time and are at the gym every Saturday morning.



Team Training:

On of the benefits of being an Activ8 Athlete is the ability to train with our sister company, Activ8 Athleticism. Every summer, we offer training to assist in the strengthening and conditioning of our athletes. With this training, led by the Director of Activ8 Athleticism, TJ Moreno, our athletes build on skills that aid in their performance for our athletes. TJ, trains our athletes with core strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, as well as wrist and arm strength. All elements that each athlete needs to be a great base, flyer or backspot. At Activ8 we do this training on one of the nights during their standard team practices. We do this as an added benefit to help with our athletes overall strength training and our team bonding.


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