Activ8 All Stars Skills Clinic

(Tumbling 101 & 102, Flight School 101, Base Bootcamp 101)

Activ8 All Stars is excited to announce its new skills clinics. Starting September 8, every Saturday our coaches will be running a month-long curriculum focusing on the specifics skills of cheer. At the 100 level, classes are designed to benefit all athletes in all areas of All Star cheerleading. Classes will consist of tumbling, flight school, and base boot camp. Classes will rotate every week.


A La Carte Clinics -

1-Month Clinics -

Ask about our All Access Platinum Membership for Monthly Skills Clinics and Private 1-on-1 Training

Price is $25 for each drop in class, or $79 ($19.75 per class) for a monthly package that includes access to all classes. No rollover classes. Monthly package holders get reserved spots. 12 spots per class.


Flexibility, body positions, stability, technique

Focusing on flyer body positions, i.e.: heel stretches, bow and arrows, scales, and scorpions. Also focusing on stability, balance, and coordination, using core and leg exercises such as planks, standing leg holds, and other slow and controlled stabilizing movements. Main areas of flexibility include legs, shoulders, and back. Athletes will practice holding positions for extended periods of time, and also working with counts to increase sharpness.

All Stars Cheer

Base Camp


Strength, power, coordination compound movements

Focusing on strength and power with compound movements that resemble basing techniques using equipment such as medicine balls, and dumbbells. High endurance, light, strength training. Compound movements include squat presses, wall balls, and isolated holds. Body area focus: legs, shoulders, chest. Emphasized work with powerful tossing motions, presses, and squats.

TUMBLING 101/102

Tumbling technique, fast twitch muscle movement, learning new skills, drills

Focusing on improving technique for running and standing tumbling. Heavily focus on drills and building fast twitch muscles needed for fast power. Drills include handstand snap downs, shoulder snaps with bands, core work, resistance tumbling, tumbling up onto elevated surfaces, setting drills, and tumbling with legs bound together. Body area focuses shoulders, fast twitch ankle movement, and core. (101 is running tumbling, 102 is standing tumbling. Will rotate every other week.)


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