Activ8 All Stars team


All Star Prep is another exciting way to join the world of competitive cheer without the high level of commitment as Elite. All Star Prep teams typically practice one time a week, they learn and perform a 2:00 routine. At Activ8 we are offering All Star Prep as a 6 month program and they will compete at 3 competitions in the Southern California region. All of the All Star Prep teams will also have different levels ranging from level 1.1 (level one stunts and level one tumbling skills) up to a level 3.2 team of level three stunts and level two tumbling. Benefits of the All Star Prep program are less commitment, only one practice a week, less costs, and less travel.


All Star Elite is the typical All Star cheer program. This program is made up of athletes willing to be committed and ready to elevate to the next level. Our Elite program is similar to all other programs with athletes practicing 3 days a week for 2 hours a day. These athletes are pushed to elevate their skill level as well as have a high impact Elite routine that is 2:30 minutes long. All Elite teams will be performing at 6-7 competitions a season and have some traveling involved. The commitment level comes not only from the athletes but the parents as well. This is a higher commitment level not only by their practice schedule but the costs, travel and length of season. Elite programs are 11 months long. 

We may have to add an additional day when we get closer to competition time if needed to polish up routines.

For additional information regarding ages, full level, and category breakdowns, please refer to our blog