Level UP

It is SUMMER time! The time to condition, and get ahead of the curve on skills!

Why is it so important to get involved in GROUP CLASSES and PRIVATE TRAINING?

I already have my skills for my level so why do I need to work on more. I can just do it at practice.

Why is that such a bad mentality to have?

Well, simply because nobody is perfect and there’s always room for self-improvement, mentally and physically. Just having the mentality that I can already do it will lead to NO success. Maybe you do have the skill, but the technique is not all there. Maybe you are placed on a team where you do not have all the skills. Maybe you are on a lower level than expected. If you fall into one or more of those maybes, private training and group classes are the way to go.

An athlete who says, “I can just learn it at practice,” will automatically fall behind the spectrum of skill level. Why? When the season starts, we have to practice what is specific to that skill level. So, if an athlete wants to be on a level 3 team, but only has level 2 skills, that athlete will not gain level 3 skills at practice. That athlete will be doing level 2 tumbling drills over and over again to perfect level 2 technique for that perfect 5/5 on the scoresheets.

Olympic athletes do not just show up to the practices before the olympics, and cross their fingers that they do well. No, they do year-round training that involves training for that specific sport, conditioning, strength training, and a healthy lifestyle.

Group classes allow you to work on new skills and are dedicated to improving and gaining tumbling. It is a full hour working in a group environment focusing on the little details and the proper movements for tumbling.

Private training lessons allow that one-on-one time with the coach to really focus on your set goals. The best injury prevention and functional training would be the Activ8 training. I (Coach Michelle Yancy) was an athlete who was in shape for cheerleading, did privates three times a week, practice three times a week, and had level 5 skills. However, I didn’t know how to land properly or be aware of how to train my body right when my tumbling was going wrong, I, unfortunately, blew my knee out, dislocated it, tore my ACL and meniscus, and had five surgeries on it. This was all off of a skill I had done millions of times.

This could have been a preventable injury if I involved functional training/proper strength training in my routine. Never get comfortable where you are at, always push yourself to improve your skills. There is always room for improvement.

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