Time To Be in Your Prime

It’s the end of the season and you as an athlete are hitting your prime. You have worked for the past 10-11 months and you are hitting your peak.

Can you believe it? It’s time to start your tryouts!

It’s time to show your gym, your coaches, what you have achieved this season. You are ready for next seasons tryouts. It’s crazy to think that one week you are at the U.S. Finals or Summit and the following week you are prepping for next year… already. No time to breathe or think, just be ready to show off your hard work.

Nerves will take its toll, however, you are an athlete, a professional at what you do and you got this! All gyms have a different tryout process and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. It all depends on the size of the gym, how many athletes tryout and how you will perform your skill set. At Activ8 All Stars, we have done our tryouts based on age for those minis and skill level for the older athletes. It sometimes is a dance to make sure each and every athlete feels comfortable in their own skin when trying out. Nobody ever wants to feel less than or not as skilled as veterans. At Activ8 All Stars we take that into consideration. It is important that all athletes feel at ease, feel good at what they do, and overall have fun!

There are skills with jumps, stunting and of course tumbling when trying out. Aspects of all of these are put into consideration when placing an athlete on a team. This is hard when there are siblings as well as friends involved. It hurts when friends or siblings continue to build their skill set and you haven’t mastered the next level. It hurts to see an athlete upset when they don’t make the team they are striving to be part of. However, it is very important to think of the overall good of a team and that is what it boils down to… TEAM.

This is where it is hard for a coach and hard for an athlete to see the emotions of kids when they are not on a team they choose. This also holds true for athletes who no longer hold their same position as previous years. For instance, when a flyer gets older, continues to grow as a young lady or man, they tend to grow out of that position. There are always younger, smaller athletes coming into the fold and they now will be taking over your position. It is what all athletes have to go through… growing pains. Pains because you are no longer that young athlete able to be held up in the air.

So tryouts are tough! It is very tough for all involved. The only advice that can be given, is to be as good as you choose to be. If you want to make that level 3 or 4 team, then work yourself as hard as possible to learn that skill set of tumbling. If you are growing up and can no longer be that little flyer in the air, be accepting of your changing body. If you are a staff member of a gym put your feelings aside for a particular athlete and do what is best for the TEAM!

If you want to work on your skills and reach your goals, we do offer private training. Elevate your game before tryouts!

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